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Yumist: An Online Food Ordering App

It is a food technology company that delivers comfort, homely and delicious meals on demand. It literally takes a few seconds to order and meal arrives hot and yummy in a matter of minutes. They are currently servicing the Cyber City, Gurgaon and will be expanding to other locations. They take delivery orders through their Android app. An average 36% discount availed using coupon codes and offers until now. The food once you taste is the yummiest food. Yumist, is an online food ordering app, though cannot make food exactly like your mother, but surely keeps its promise in serving the hot and sumptuous meals to satiate the taste buds. Get freshly prepared homemade food daily at tables within 30 minutes after placing the order on Yumist. Presently it is serving at current select locations of Gurgaon, Delhi and Bangalore, and will be expanding soon to other cities. Get the steamy, fresh food at the Yumist with their daily changing menu. It is serving a number of customers through online and also offer the opportunity to save more on using the Yumist Coupon Codes.

More at Yuminst:

Since our inception,the team of Yumist has been passionately and tirelessly working to understand our customers needs and accordingly evolve the experience.With the new kitchen going operational earlier this year,The major steps forward leading to the launch of the following new initiatives,aimed at solving critical points in the daily meal market.To make our own Mealbox, started the journey two years before with two preset meal boxes on the menu,each one containing rice, dal, rotis,chutney, a veg/ non- veg dish. Over time,brought more options on the menu, but they were all pre-set meal boxes. Some of our customers wanted the ability to customize their meal box with no rice,more roti with extra dal and asked for more variety in the menu.It seems to easily achieve able from the outside,the specialized supply chain has created to deliver high quality meals at the right temperature came with its constraints. You can have further savings using the Yuminst offers and discount available online to have those special deals .

Light Bites:

Until now served lunches and dinners only on the Yumist menu. The customers has demand for light bites available throughout the day .Hunger after all ,can strike any time of the day.As a first step,they have introduced Light Bites in our Gurgaon menu during the evenings. Going forward, this section will be made available all day and the coverage will be increased to all of NCR.There is a lot more exciting stuff coming from us in the near future,but save that for later.

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