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About Buzukia

Buzukia is an online distribution store that offers Anti radiation phone cases of premium quality and reliability. Their main goal is to help and protect people from the effects of the man made pollution as they believe that radiation from cell phone is causing harmful diseases in humans that we have never imagined. Use Buzukia coupons while you purchase anti radiation case for your phone.

Buzukia Coupons

Buzukia Anti radiation shields were designed after conducting extensive research. They created a unique technology which deflects the radiation away from the body thus preventing the body from absorbing the harmful phone radiation. Their embedded technology uses special fibers which are good at absorbing and deflecting the electromagnetic frequencies. Buzuka phone case will provide more than 95% reduction in radiation protection when the phone is held over the ear or in the pocket. It has been scientifically tested that battery life will not be changed and signal will not be redirected. To cut more costs on the anti radiation cases for the phone avail Buzukia coupon codes from the online website

Latest News on Buzukia

•Buzukia sells the first ever anti- radiation phone case for first time in India which stops the radiation to enter the brain even in close contact use. Their products are genuine and are tested in US labs and remain affordable in the local market. The goal is to achieve a radiation less environment.

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Buzukia Return Policy:

Product to be returned must be undamaged and with protective wrapping must be returned in 5 days from the order was placed. For delivery of the items in India it takes 2-4 business days and for other countries it takes 6-12 business days.

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