Top 5 trending western wear for women in India


Western clothing has exerted a perpetual fascination on Indian women. The various designs, styles, fabrics, cuts, and looks that define western wear have gained popularity over the years in the subcontinent. These pieces of attire are comfortable, and when constructed in the correct manner, do not challenge the hot weather of the Indian landmass. Women are attracted to the sheer convenience and durability of a pair of jeans, for instance. Business suits send the right signal for women that operate in corporate hierarchies. We shall examine some of the trending pieces of western wear for women in India in the passages below.

The jumpsuit – These are among the most coveted items of western wear for Indian women. These light, airy garments afford adequate cover for a woman’s body and convey a high style quotient. Women find these appropriate for formal occasions and for a fun day spent away from home with family and friends. Women prefer dark or black jumpsuits for wearing to an evening soiree or a cocktail party. Jumpsuits can be tailored in various styles that flatter the toned body of a young woman. Wine red jumpsuits convey an emphatic fashion statement and are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Jumpsuits that end above the ankle afford the wearer an opportunity to show off high-fashion footwear.

Cold-shoulder tops – These are currently a rage among urban women in India. The casual look afforded by these tops conveys the message that the wearer is comfortable with her body and is a fashion forward individual. Cold-shoulder tops can be constructed in a variety of styles designed to suit the aesthetics of the modern Indian woman. These garments are meant for casual wear and are readily available in a variety of colors and fabrics. These tops can be paired with trousers, jeans, skirts, and long pants. The cold-shoulder top satisfies a woman’s urge to express herself and should remain a fashion favorite for a long time to come.

The one-piece dress is a sexy addition to any woman’s wardrobe in the Indian subcontinent. This piece of attire can be constructed from multiple fabrics. It enables a woman to craft a breezy fashion statement. Colorful one-piece dresses are ideal for Indian summers and must be paired with a style-conscious attitude. Prints, stripes, solid colors, vertical stripes, and plain fabrics suit the construction of a one-piece dress. Indian women must ensure the construction of such dresses suits their physical contours to achieve the maximum visual effect. A young woman can wear these one-piece dresses to an evening occasion or to a cocktail party. A jacket made of light fabric is an ideal accompaniment to the one-piece dress.

Bridal gowns are fast gaining popularity an alternative to wedding wear for Indian women. Essentially a western invention, the bridal gown conveys style, class, and a touch of high fashion. The classic bridal gown is etched in white or off-white colors. Designers can embellish the creation with subdued tones and accessories in a bid to boost the style quotient. The bridal gown may have a long tail or can be abbreviated to be worn as a small skirt. Bridal gowns can be constructed in multiple layers; they may be accessorized with frilly headwear. Some gowns can be constructed with loose fabrics to enable comfort for the wearer; however, women with toned bodies may choose to wear sculpted creations that show off the contours of their physical silhouette.

Skirts represent the quintessential form of feminine fashion the world over. Indian women that work in corporate establishments have worn skirts at the workplace for many decades now. These pieces of women’s clothing can be adjusted for height to cover the knees. Skirts are common wear among school uniforms in India. Layered skirts signal class and are ideal for formal wear. When worn with light-colored tops, a deep-toned skirt conveys an image of authority. Long skirts constructed from light fabrics are ideal for the Indian summer. Skirts can be constructed to fit the body shape of the wearer and present an everyday style statement.
These examples of western wear find deep resonance with women in India. The evolution of fashion will likely add variety to these forms of women’s attire. Let’s hope for the best!

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