Start your self-care by choosing the right lingerie


Women talk about beautiful outfits, comfortable footwear, and quality personal care products because they care for themselves. But we must also recognize that self-care starts with choosing the right kind of innerwear for unlimited reasons they have on our health, personal hygiene, and confidence. Right size and quality of innerwear is a must to ensure we are comfortable and healthy inside. Below are a few things you should make sure about the lingerie you choose to purchase.

Right size: Your panty or bra should fit appropriate in your body. A larger size or a smaller size means you would be uncomfortable and conscious all the time. It will also keep you absent-minded in all your work. If you are buying online from Clovia or any other site, make sure you order the size that fits you well.

Right fabric: It matters a lot and season also plays the vital role in choosing the right fabric. Your innerwear for summer and winter should be different. The wrong choice of fabric can also cause rashes and itching in your private parts. There are many lingerie coupons from popular stores offering you seasonal collection on discount.

Right cut and design: Different body shapes require the different style of innerwear. Analyse your needs to buy either padded bra, non-padded bra, wired bra, high-waist panty or bikini style panty-bra set. If you don’t wear the right type of innerwear, it might alter your sleep at night which will affect your health.

How to take care of your innerwear?

  • A little carelessness with your innerwear can cost your health and comfort. So, maintain your lingerie with the following ways.
  • Give the first wash to your undergarments even if they are new. It will help remove any chemical, fabric paint, or unnecessary residual stuck to it.
  • Check for tags or plastic thread in the innerwear. If in hurry you put your innerwear with even a small tag on, it may cause rashes and itching.
  • Try to wash your undergarments with hand and do not put them in the washing machine. It will help maintain the elasticity of the cloth while retaining the wires or pads in the product. Also, it should be washed with other regular clothes of the family for hygiene purpose.
  • Wash your dark and light colored inner wears separately. This will help retain their colors without patching each others’ color here and there.
  • Never use deodorants or perfumes on your innerwear. It can cause allergic reaction, itching or rashes.
    Be sensible and careful enough while choosing your innerwear and pamper yourself with the best lingerie you deserve. With above-mentioned tips, always keep yourself free, composed, and confident by choosing the right type of innerwear.

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