How to save money on stay at tourist places in India


India attracts heavy numbers of tourists and travelers every year. Tourists that visit India seek the thrill of the Orient, visit multiple tourist spots in the different states of India, and backpack through the congested cities and small towns of modern India. No wonder this country continues to attract significant numbers of foreign tourists during all times of the year. The sheer number of travel destinations act as a magnet, thereby fuelling tourism in this country. We will outline some points for tourists that wish to save money while visiting tourist spots in the Indian subcontinent.

Weigh your baggage – This travel tip should help foreign tourists to save on expenses considerably. Domestic flights within India impose strict restrictions on the weight of baggage allowed per person on each flight. A familiarity with the weight of personal baggage should help tourists to calculate any additional costs they may incur during the course of their travels within India. Alternatively, tourists can carry a digital scale on their person to allow themselves weigh baggage in their hotel rooms.

Travel overnight – Travel portals such as MakeMyTrip allow tourists to book overnight journeys in trains, buses, and airplanes. These journeys are typically lower priced than daytime journeys; they allow tourists to save on travel costs. Cleartrip also offers a range of travel services for tourists traveling on a budget. These websites offer a range of travel options and the attendant prices, thereby creating ample choice for tourists keen to travel within India.

Try budget hotels – Travelers that wish to gain deep experience of traveling inside India can opt to stay in budget hotels. This choice ensures they can stretch their dollars and expand their experience in terms of sampling the sights and sounds of the land. Travel experts note that budget hotels often provide genuine Indian cuisine and this goes a long way to complete an authentic travel experience in the Orient.

Roaming cellphones – Budget-bound tourists must acquire a local SIM card to connect with Indian cellular networks at the reasonable cost. They must check the roaming facilities with local service providers to get a complete picture of the costs associated with operating a cellphone in India. This precaution can help tourists to plan their travels better and avoid the unpleasant situation of a huge bill for availing cellphone services. A pre-paid SIM card is recommended because visitors can top-up the cell phone per their requirements.

Stay at youth hostels – These accommodations are akin to budget hotels and offer decent lodgings and services. Travelers can plan ahead and book reservations at youth hostels to avoid costly hotel bills. Tourists staying in these hostels can meet other tourists and share their travel experiences. Therefore, experts recommend online hotel bookings prior to commencing a travel itinerary to the land of the maharajahs. Travel portals such as MakeMyTrip and cleartrip offer the addresses and contact information for many youth hostels located at popular tourist destinations in India.

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