Prepare your child for school re-opening after summer vacation


Academic schooling is important for young citizens. However, in keeping with the maxim “all work and no play…” schools allow the summer vacation to students during the hot months in the Indian subcontinent. The summer vacation is a welcome break in the life of every school-going child, but parents and guardians must prepare their wards to resume normal schooling activities. This involves mental conditioning and other factors. We will take a quick look at the steps you must undertake to ease your child into the post-vacation, full-fledged school routine.

Wake up early – Summer is typically the time when children stay in bed longer than usual. The lack of a school routine tempts them to flout the discipline of the average school day. Hence, parents and guardians must condition their children to awaken early in the last days of the summer vacation. The seniors in the household should set an example and leave the bed at 6 AM sharp. This motivates the juniors to follow suit. The early routine also helps school going children to appreciate the importance of starting an early day.

Catch up on school books – This must be mandatory for children near the first day of the new school season. Parents must encourage their wards to spend regular time with their school curriculum in a bid to catch up on the reading habit. Most schools commence the new season with a full workload for their students. Any slack in this matter may impose additional study time for school students. Experts recommend that parents encourage their children to maintain a constant connection with their school books during the summer vacation with a view to easing into the new season at the school.

Cut down on television – Home entertainment such as watching television and playing video games can seriously compromise the will to study among school going children. Hence, parents must regulate the hours spent on such leisure activities. The distraction offered by such activities can pose a threat to children’s performance in the school. As an alternative, parents can encourage their children to play board games such as scrabble at home; this game teaches them the importance of spending quality time with parents and expands their vocabulary. You can check for home delivery of this useful board game.

Buy school uniform – Get ready with school uniforms, school bags, water bottles and other school essentials. To make it easy on children, buy other casual clothes also. Parents can visit online shopping destinations such as in a bid to shop for quality clothes and footwear for their young ones. Every member in the family can participate in such activities and decide on the choice of new attire for the children. These gestures are important because they enable the children to bond better with their parents and guardians. New clothes also serve as motivation for the young ones as they approach the close of the summer vacation and the beginning of the new season at school.

The pep talk – Children may be reluctant to resume their school routines at the end of a fun vacation. Parents and guardians must speak to their wards and impress upon them the importance of achieving a fine record in their schooling. This is essentially a form of mentorship that must be accompanied by the proverbial carrots such as the occasional shopping spree on and Child experts note that such motivation is important for young citizens in modern times.

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