Online Travel Service Provider, Cleartrip -to feature on iWatch

The Apple Watch (iWatch) went on sale from 24 April and the first batch of pre-ordered watches have gone out to purchasers. But, those hoping to buy an Apple Watch will be left disappointed as Apple Watch rivals to take  round-up of the best smartwatches of 2015.

Along with it’s innovative features like health-monitoring applications and TV remote capabilities the travel site Cleartrip to join the Apple famil. If you’re a busy traveler on the go? Then this newly released Apple iWatch will be your perfect companion to ease your travel worries. As it promises to deliver a one stop shop for planning and managing your travels–without ever reaching for your phone.

Cleartrip is going to give its user the option to book flights at the most lightweight manner possible. Look, Search, book and go with Cleartrip’s beautifully designed, lightning-fast app for iPhone and iPad. Online travel booking agency Cleartrip announced that they are the first to launch an app for Apple Watch which can be enabled through the Watch app on an iPhone.

The app shows travellers a concise list of all their upcoming trips and presents contextual, time-sensitive information when it’s needed. When you open the Cleartrip app on Apple Watch, you’ll see a concise list of your upcoming flights. The app also notifies the user when a flight is delayed, rescheduled or cancelled and 24 hours before a flight departure. Also presents the flight number with flight status and updated departure time. And you can even use the Cleartrip coupon on your apple watch.

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