This Mother’s Day Express What You Learnt From Your Mother


Mother is our first teacher.”
This statement is huge and covers a world lot of meaning in it. No matter what we learnt in schools and colleges, it is our mother who taught us to speak and to express. We may fail to acknowledge our learnings at home with mother being our natural tutor, but if we delve deep into it, we will find how immensely our thoughts and actions are impressed with mothers. On this Mother’s Day 2018, let’s recollect our memories and acknowledge all the great life learnings we gained from our mothers. However, if you are looking to make her happy with some gift, look for the Mother’s Day discount code and present her the most beautiful thing you love to.

  • Self-Defence & Self-Protection
  • No, my mother did not teach me karate, but of course, she acquainted me with the basics of self-defence that includes many small things. “Don’t go near the strangers”, “don’t eat unidentified things”, “don’t touch the switches with wet hands”, “don’t take lift from unknown people”, likewise, there are thousands of statements we heard while growing up. All with a sole purpose of our protection. Yes, it is the mother who empowered us to protect ourselves against outside world threats, diseases, infections, enemies and more.

  • Hard work
  • Setting her own example, mother taught me the key benefits of hard work. Despite loads of daily work on her at personal and professional front, she managed everything so well. No matter, mother is a working lady or a housewife, she exemplifies a hard-working personality instilling the genes of hard work in her children. I can say, hard work pays off, may be the results will be varying.

  • Patience and perseverance
  • Everything comes at its own time, wait for the right time. I learnt and practically experienced it while my mother had always been a believer of this phrase. I never found my mother desperate for things, losing her cool, getting frustrated or depressed in little things. This is the key to a happy life and no other than mothers can make it realize it who stand by our side in all our bright and gloomy days.

  • Importance of relationship
    While growing up, I recognized my brother, my father, other family members and friends. But the one who really established relationship among us is the mother. She is the one who nurtured the relationships and taught us how to preserve these precious relations. The way she is dedicated towards every other person in the family, I have learnt how important it is to protect, preserve and nurture the relationships which are the lasting things in life.

It’s Your Time to Say Thanks on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, its your time to acknowledge and show your gratitude towards everything you learnt from your mother. When you learn something in your school, you get a day dedicated to say thanks to your teachers. But, you never realize that your mother deserves the biggest thanks for being your lifetime mentor. A mother is more than a mother and you need to identify this magnificent figure and pay your heartiest thanks for everything she does for you. Explore some latest Mother’s Day coupons and deals online and choose her favourite things to gift on the occasion.

What will you do on Mother’s Day?

Start with your own way of thanking your mother. Prepare a good song, play a music on TV, prepare a Mother’s Day card, send a morning message before being face-to-face, paste a sticker in her door with a message or any other thing you might find interesting. Apart from buying a gift of your choice by choosing Mother’s Day deals or promo codes, make her realize that how important she is for you. You make her feel that you have preserved all the learnings you got from her and your life is going to be the best example of precious values you inherited from your mother.

I just shared my own experiences and feelings I have while planning for this Mother’s Day. You might be having different things people would love to know. Please let us know what you learnt from your mother and how are you going to celebrate this Mother’s Day 2018.

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