The month of December—Why is it so special?

christmas in december

December is a special time of the year. The month marks the end of the calendar year. It brings forth pleasant weather and a cold nip in the air that is much appreciated in warm, tropical countries. For instance, in India, heat and humidity levels drop in December and the chillness is all over, especially in Northern India. This season lifts the public mood and boosts the flavour of the holiday season.

  1. Holidays Begin

  2. Schools and colleges declare winter holidays for staff and students during the last month of the year. Many people choose to proceed with their annual holidays in December. Tourism registers an uptick as families travel across the land. People engaged in professional pursuits look forward to their annual holidays in the month of December. The affluent sections of society choose overseas destinations for their annual holidays.Meanwhile, non-resident Indians visit their relations in India during December because the pleasant weather encourages travel and tourism. People book vacation packages online from portals like Makemytrip or cleartrip and the favourite destination in this season remains the sea beaches.

  3. Seasonal food and vegetables

  4. A variety of vegetables appear in the markets and the shelves look really colourful. The cold weather in December spurs the human appetite for food and there comes more number of items on the food plate. Hot beverages and traditional foods enjoy heavy demand. People who avoid going out to shop in the chilling weather order for fruits and vegetables online from stores like BigBasket.

  5. The cultural and sportive season

  6. The atmosphere of general leisure encourages music festivals in many Indian cities during December. People take a break from the daily grind and attend the music festivals. Other cultural activities include open-air theatre, impromptu public entertainment through singing competitions, and a pronounced tendency in the consumption of hot foods. Schools organize their sports day and day outings are common among corporate companies.

  7. Dressing matters in winter

  8. One of the most conspicuous changes in public life relates to winter dressing. Winter wear appears on Indian streets, lending colour to street life. The whole tapestry of urban life acquires fresh hues as citizens enjoy the cold weather in December and the subsequent months. Woollen wear, shawls, scarfs, and jackets in myriad colours transform the human component of the urban landscape. The online stores like Amazon or Flipkart register increased order for winter wears. Public health professionals note that the diseases typical to warm climates appear to subside in the dry air that pervades this month.

  9. The common winter electronics

  10. Water heaters and geysers mark a special presence in domestic lives during December. The demand for electricity appears to recede as air conditioners are turned off during the cold months, but heaters and geysers contribute to electricity consumption. However, a recent trend indicates that North India registers heavy fog and smog during the months of November and December.

  11. The Biggest Festival of December–Christmas

  12. Christmas concludes the annual cycle of festivals in India and other countries. The New Year festivities mark the intersection between December and January. These practices and happenings make December special in the public eye. The end of the year marks a time for renewed optimism as people look forward to the next annual cycle and the beginning of the new school season after the holidays.

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