Do you know why women go mad for GOLD?


Gold, the seductive yellow metal, holds the proverbial ‘iron grip’ on the popular imagination. Indian populations have always been fascinated by the bright shine of this magic metal. Indians associate gold with wealth, prosperity, good fortune, and have invested mythic and almost-religious significance in the king of all metals. Indian women, in particular, regard gold as the ultimate status symbol. The concept of gold as the ‘stree dhan’ is deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche and dates back to many millennia. We will examine the timeless fascination for gold in the paragraphs below.

  • Store of immutable value
  • Indian women consider gold as equivalent to cash and a repository of immutable value. This belief stems from the fact that as a security or an asset, gold can be easily converted to cash when a family faces a dire emergency. Traditionally, women in India have held the position of home makers, while the men earn money to satisfy family requirements. In keeping with this, Indian families have traditionally bestowed gold ornaments to their daughters when they get married and leave the family. Traditional also dictates that Indian brides wearing 24-carat gold on their wedding day attract good luck and happiness to the marriage.

  • Good investment
  • As an asset class, gold often creates very good returns in financial markets. This is significant because investments in the fabled yellow metal offers a safe harbor for familial wealth. Hence, women and traditional Indian families have invested in gold as a hedge against fluctuations in the inherent value of different asset classes. Women can buy gold jewelry online at prestige shopping destinations such as The merchandise is top-notch and provides assured value to all customers.

  • Precious gift item
  • Gold is considered a high-value gift item in the Indian continent. Families gift gold to newlyweds to proclaim their status and to shower their blessings on newlyweds. Gold retains a special status as a gifting option during festivals, weddings, special celebrations, etc. Families often show their appreciation by gifting gold jewelry to younger generations, as also as a means of perpetuating tradition.

  • Religious significance
  • Popularly considered the symbol of the Hindu goddess of wealth Lakshmi, gold is considered an auspicious metal and a repository of traditional values. Indian festivals such as Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, Durga Puja, Pongal, and Onam hinge on the gifting of gold articles. Indians believe buying gold invites the goddess Lakshmi to their abode and ensures good fortune. Indian culture also states that gold ensures prosperity for families and individuals. In light of these beliefs, Indian women often invest in gold ornaments per their individual ability.

  • Ornamental value
  • Gold ornaments represent a perennial favorite for Indian women. The precious yellow metal can be molded into wonderful ornaments that confer high prestige on the owner and wearer. Wedding rings made of gold symbol good luck and mark long-lasting relationships. Till date, the top shopping activities for Indian women include shopping for golden ornaments. The fascinating allure of pure gold refuses to pale as far as the preferences of Indian women are concerned. Various merchants offer Indian women the opportunity to buy gold jewelry online. These businesses include and offer hallmarked gold jewelry at competitive market prices.

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