International Fleet Review 2016 – A Glorious and Prestigious Moment for India

Indian navy is all set for the gigantic International fleet review 2016 being organized in Visakhapatnam from Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 8, 2016. This is the second edition of fleet review, last organized in Mumbai in the year 2001. More than 50 nations will be joining with their delegates attending the event with an opportunity to display their professional navy skills in a harmonious environment.

Visakhapatnam is chosen as the location of the event due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal which is the largest bay in the world with a depth that will facilitate the ship events. Also, the location is close to other surrounding nations which will make their participation and transportation of ships easier. More than 100 warships and submarines are expected to display their warship skills in the event which is going to be a spectacular event for everyone.

Theme and Objective

The overall theme of the event is “Make in India”. Indian navy has time and again stressed for independence and self-reliance in its defense potentials. During this fleet review, the Indian navy will display its efficiencies through “Innovation”, “indigenization”, and “potential of the youth of India”. It has planned to showcase its skills through three activity areas namely, “float”, “move”, and “fight”.

The aim of the fleet review is to assure the country of Indian navy’s preparedness, high morale, and discipline. It also aims at showcasing India’s naval might and readiness to attend any kind of emergency. However, with a friendly participation and warship skills exercises, the event also tries to nurture healthy relationship with other nations.

Event Schedules

  • 4th Feb, 2016: Rehearsals, wreath laying, and maritime exhibition & IFR village.
  • 5th Feb, 2016: CNS press conference and Opening ceremony.
  • 6th Feb, 2016: Fleet review, Indian Naval Band Concert, Presidential Banquet, and Band concert by foreign navy bands. >
  • 7th Feb, 2016: International Maritime Conference, International City parade, CNS reception, Band concert by foreign navy bands.
  • 8th Feb, 2016: International Maritime Conference and Closing Ceremony.
  • The Ministry of Defense and Indian navy begun the preparations of the event three months back and are ready with an intact program to showcase the event in front of at least 1.5 lakh viewers. 400 surveillance cameras and more than 7,000 security personnel will be deployed to conduct the program with highest level of security. There is enough arrangement to direct and manage the huge crowd expected. Audience is allowed inside with only a bottle of water and the Aadhar Card will act as their entry pass.

    The excitement is in the air and the whole country is looking forward to the success of this international fleet review. Through this mega event, India is sure to spread its glory across the world.

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