India Getting Digital With Online Vegetable Shopping

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India has embraced the eCommerce very well and it has covered all the consumer goods and services to the best possible extent. The latest and recent surge in seen in the way India shops for vegetables and it is found that the country is ready to pay for convenience. Yes, the convenience that comes with ordering green vegetables online, an action in clicks that keeps you away from wandering on the crowded streets of vegetable markets or the long waiting queue in super markets. Though a majority of population shops in physical market and there was an initial hiccup in opting for online modes of shopping for food, grocery, and vegetables, the tech savvy population of India is ready to experiment with online shopping portals offering all the various kinds of vegetables at your doorsteps. With the emergence and successful operations of online stores like Big Basket, Zopnow, Grofers, and other grocery e-stores, the customers are now enjoying a little freedom of shopping online for household requirements. While many times the rates of vegetables are just close to what is offered in physical stores, at times, they also seem on the higher side. However, the customers have now understood that convenience costs. That is why, now they are ready to pay a little more, but prefer to get the greenery delivered at home that saves a lot of their time and effort. First of all, it saves your time in going to the market, keeps you out of the irritation faced in traffic, and avoids the juggle of selecting right stuff in the market. The online stores are delivering vegetables which are fresh and do not compromise on the quality of the vegetables. Also, many are offering a free return if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. Especially, after the ban of 500 and 1000 currency notes and a shortage of low denomination notes, people have thronged at online stores to buy vegetables and other items of household. With quick online money transfer facility, people are finding it easy to place orders that does not require any payment in cash. It is always better to be at home and work in clicks than to stand in queues to withdraw some money that gets easily spent in the vegetable market. The whole economy has taken a shape which is automatically pushing the online stores to perform better, serve better, and earn better. Apart from these obvious benefits and the situational thrust of going online to buy vegetables, if you are a smart shopper, you can make more out of it. Keep an eye on the various offerings of the stores like festive offers and discounts coupons to make your shopping more economical. You can notice that stores like Big Basket come with many festive offers like Diwali offers or Christmas offers and others where they offer BigBasket coupons to its customers making their shopping a money saving experience. India is in a transition phase greatly in the world of ecommerce. Being a part of it makes our life easier and more rewarding.

This post was written by Rinki Manya

Last modified: March 24, 2017

India Getting Digital With Online Vegetable Shopping

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