How To Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Life

Being a hardworking professional probably means that most of your time is spent either in commuting or at the office. Mostly it is difficult to find time to get your daily workouts in, which is why so many professionals slowly get more and more out of shape over the years.

Here are few common techniques and if you make these tips a part of your daily life then you will increase your energy and be more productive in the office. Thought you think you are too busy these tips will seamlessly fit into your daily schedule.

Make a Schedule


Write it down and stick to it. Just don’t write down when you’re going to work out, write down everything you have to get done in the day to ensure you will have time to workout. Put aside anything that falls under less priority than working out. If you do so, you will get lot of time to make your plans for work outs.

Start Your Day Early


If your day is just too busy to get a workout in during the day, wake up extra early to get a workout in. Maybe you’re running,  heading for a swim, doing yoga, doing a fitness, working with threadmill(available at Flipkart and Amazon)…whatever it is… get yourself out of bed for it. Once you’re able to see how you can add a little bit to your day, you just get hooked and it becomes pretty easy to keep yourself going.

Invest in a pedometer

This is such a great way to keep track of your steps throughout the day. When you’re wearing one, you would definitely make it your mission to walk as many steps as you can. You really become fully aware of your movements and your distance. You can buy Pedometer at best price at Healthkart.

Do an Office Workout


You would be amazed by how much exercise you can do if you’ll just spend five or 10 minutes working out every hour. Try to Do a few lunges or squats while on the phone and do a few push-ups as you’re waiting for your video to render. Infact you can find dozens of five or 10-minute workouts online and they’ll make it easy for you to get in shape at the office.

Take breaks

Every 30 minutes take a break from your computer. Eyestrain and sore backs are common in almost all people in a corporate environment so, set a timer at first so that you know when 30 minutes is up.Focus your eyes on a distant object to reduce eyestrain and do some back and shoulder stretches while sitting in your place. Taking 10 seconds every 30 minutes will help your body to reset itself and make you more productive in the office.

Eat healthy


Keep healthy snacks in your desk. There is nothing worse than being hungry and being surrounded by the office vending machine and snacks in the office. If you keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and power bars in your desk, when hunger strikes you will be prepared for it.

Drink plenty of water


Keep a water bottle near by. Most people don’t drink enough water. 8 cups is the minimum  recommended. If you always keep a full bottle of water at your desk, you will sip away during.

Accept No Excuses

It takes about a millisecond to find a reason not to exercise when you even have free time. Luckily for you, it is possible to squeeze a workoutinto your busy schedule with some effective plans. Whether you want to build bigger biceps or lose weight in it just in you—so stop making excuses and start sweating. Combining your work/social life with your fitness life can bring the ultimate payoff.

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