Gardening- A beautiful garden is a work of heart !!!!

Gardening is considered to be a relaxing activity for many people. It is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture.  In gardens, Ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, foliage, or overall appearance; useful plants, such as Root vegetables, Leafy vegetables, Fruits and Herbs are grown for consumption, for dyes, for medicinal or cosmetic use.Gardening may be very specialized, with only one type of plant grown, or involve a large number of different plants in mixed plantings. It ranges from fruit orchards to long boulevard plantings with one or more different types of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants. If you are a person who loves Gardening, then peek in to the site 9gardens for all your Gardening needs. To reduce more costs on your Gardening visit

History of Gardening:


Ancient Times:

Forest Gardening, which was a forest based food production system, is the world’s oldest form of gardening. In the gradual process of families improving their environment, useful tree and vine species were identified, protected and improved while undesirable species were eliminated. Eventually foreign species were also selected and incorporated into the gardens. The best example of ancient ornamental gardens were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon- now a Heritage Site was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.The-Hanging-Gardens-of-BabylonWealthy ancient Egyptians used gardens for providing shades and for aesthetic purposes. They associated trees and gardens with gods as they believed that their deities were pleased by gardens. These gardens were a sign of higher socioeconomic status and they also grew vineyards as wine was the sign of the higher social classes. Flower beds were popular in the courtyards of rich Romans.

Middle Ages:

Garden in MonastriesAfter the fall of Rome gardening, Monasteries carried on a tradition of garden design and intense horticultural techniques during the medieval period in Europe. Monastic garden types consisted of kitchen gardens, cemetery orchards, infirmary gardens, cloister garths and vineyards. Individual monasteries also had a “green court”, a plot of grass and trees where horses could graze, as well as a cellarer’s garden or private gardens for monks who held specific posts within the monastery. Islamic Gardens were built after the model of Persian gardens and they were usually enclosed by walls and divided in 4 by watercourses. The center of the garden would have a pool and mosaics and glazed tiles were used to decorate the rills and fountains that were built in these gardens.

Cottage Gardens:

Cottage gardenCottage gardens emerged in Elizabethan times have originated as a local source for herbs and fruits.According to the 19th-century these gardens were originally created by the workers that lived in the cottages of the villages, to provide them with food and herbs and flowers planted amongst them for decoration.  Farm workers were provided with cottages that had architectural quality set in a small garden about an acre where they could grow food and keep pigs and chickens. Calendulas and Primroses were attractive as well as were used in cooking. Others like Sweet William and Hollyhocks were grown entirely for their beauty.

Garden Types:

Residential gardening

can be done at home in a space referred to as a garden. It can be located on a roof, balcony, window box or patio. Look in for the various varieties of residential plants on Ferns N Petals website. Have a great joy by gaining discounts on the residential plants.

Indoor Gardening

It is considered as growing houseplants within a building, residence, conservatory or greenhouse. If you are planning to buy houseplants for your indoor gardening please visit the Bookmyflowers website. Add more pleasance to your Garden and at the same time enjoy good rebates with coupons.

Water Gardening

Is growing plants adapted to ponds and pools.A simple water garden may consist solely of a tub containing the water and plant. Best example would be the Bog Gardens.

Container Gardening

It refers to growing plants indoor or outdoor in containers such as Hanging baskets, Pots and Planters.


Is concerned with growing plants on piles of rotting wood, as a form of raised bed gardening and composting in situ.

Organic Gardening

It refers growing of non-genetically modified crops using natural sustainable methods, pesticides and fertilizers.

Native Plant Gardening

This is done growing native plants. This type of gardening typically reduces water usage, maintenance, and fertilization costs, while increasing native faunal interest. For people who seek Gardening as a hobby could derive benefits from lot of online garden centers which deliver plants directly to customer’s doors.

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Gardening- A beautiful garden is a work of heart !!!!

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