Food: A common culture that binds us together

food culture
Food is something that connects us. The food culture may differ from place to place and from people to people, but the love for food remains same inside everyone and that is what brings different cultures and different people together. Thanks to the modern time developments, that has made it possible to relish the food from any part of the country or world at another part of the world. The taste of authentic food specific to a given region no longer remains confined to that region as people in other parts also learn to prepare them. Those who can’t prepare such ethnic food themselves depend on the great restaurants which offer a long food menu consisting of food from different parts of the country.

How food unites us?

When we enjoy food of a different culture, it’s not only about food. We go deep into the history of the place by sharing knowledge, culture, and mutual respect. It offers a chance to let the elders and other senior people pass their historical experiences and stories with all. It helps everyone enjoy the food together and celebration the culture of the place. Different regional foods also provide a learning opportunity where we like to learn about the process of preparing that particular food. With food, we introduce a new culture and a new process unknown to others which connects and binds everyone together.

Factors promoting the food culture

With the advent of technology and world becoming a global village, food knows no boundaries. Food, resembling different cultures, is available at any place you wish. There are many factors that has made it possible. Some of them are listed below.
  • Restaurants play a great role is sharing of food culture Multi-cuisine restaurants play the most important role in bringing food of different regions under one roof. From Indian food to Mexican food, continental food, Chinese, and others, there are many dedicated restaurants that offer you what you want to eat right on your table. These days some organic food restaurants have also opened up to let you have the most authentic and healthy food anytime of the day. This is also letting you stay away from the junk food or fast food.
  • Food Chains Bringing International Food on Your Plate The taste of US or UK or Mexico is easy to relish with the rising number of food chains across the country. While the KFCs, Dominos, Subways and others are luring Indian foods with their exclusive tastes, the south Indian restaurants in US and making the people go crazy for Indian food. You can find many Mexican restaurants running in the country offering Mexican food with great ease. You can locate such restaurants and use food offers to get all of them at great prices. This culture of food chains are really making the foodies happier who want to eat food from different countries without bothering to go there.
  • The online Food Network Recently, with development of the ecommerce in India, we live in a food network that makes it easier for us to locate the food near me and filter them based on food type and order online. Food portals like FoodPanda or Swiggy has made it very easier to find the restaurants near your location, look at the menu, find out the rates and order food from your couch. With a search like “food delivery near me” you will have multiple options of such food portals and you can go with the one you like. These portals also offer food coupons if you are a regular customer to let you save some money on your purchase.
In today’s world going beyond your food culture is quite easy and possible. So, do not compromise with your taste and keep enjoying the good food anytime anywhere.

This post was written by Rinki Manya

Last modified: November 22, 2017

Food: A common culture that binds us together

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