Why is Father’s Day Celebrated?

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Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fatherhood and pay love and respect to our father who has done so many things for us sacrificing many of his own choices. Father day in India falls on 18th June in 2017 which is the third Sunday of June and it is celebrated on every third Sunday of June in UK and many other countries. Though, we are busy preparing for this great day, an obvious question that comes in mind is why this day is celebrated?
Stories behind Father’s Day

  1. Some stories bring in light the life of Sonora Dodd who proposed the acceptance of this day after realizing that if women can have a day dedicated for themselves, fathers should also have a day of their own for their endless contribution in a child’s life. It is also to be noted that Sonora and her siblings were brought up by their father after the death of their mother. She had seen and realized that fathers are also equally supportive, caring, and selfless like mothers when it comes to raising their child. So, in 1910 she proposed to celebrate third Sunday of June as Father’s Day.
  2. Another story that came into scene was from Fairmont, West Virginia. There was a big mine explosion in the nearby town killing 360 men and a lady called Grace Golden Clayton called for a dedicated day to commemorate the death of fathers by their children. It was proposed in 1908.

Now, after many years of the start of this day, we celebrate Father’s Day as a day to remind ourselves that Fathers are great.
What to gift on Father’s Day 2017?
Gifts for Father’s Day: The usual thought that comes in mind is like gifting a father’s favourite thing to him to make him happy. A set of perfume, some car or bike accessories, a smartphone, smart watch, a kindle, or a book can be a good gift for the father. Try to find some good offers on gadgets and electronics online to save your money as well. Also, if your father is close to nature and admires gardening, then a plant or a gardening set can also be a valuable gift.
Gift an experience: As a child, if you gift a good experience to your father, it would be memorable for always. So, plan for some awesome evening out, a dinner or a get together at home. You can also gift your father a getaway to some nearest tourist location or a planned vacation to other place. You can explore the offers on MakeMyTrip or Bookmyshow to find some affordable package to gift to your father this Father’s Day.
However, the best thing you can do is to have respect for your father every day of the year. A loving and caring child is what every father looks for.

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