Factors That May Drive Online Coupon Industry in 2016

The inarguable growth of ecommerce in India over the last five years comes like the monsoon shower which was eagerly awaited by the tech savvy consumers looking for online solutions for everything. The exponential growth of ecommerce in India still has headroom for further growth with an ever rising consumer base and seabed penetration of internet. In this online trade, it is remarkable to notice that 13.5% of the total ecommerce shopping happens through the coupon sites. Attracting customers through enticing deals, discounts, offers, and coupons has become the trend in which coupons websites are specializing. This trend is sure to showcase all its vigor in 2016 as well offering customers with multiple shopping and bargaining options.

Ecommerce in India is at an evolving stage and we are going to witness a lot more activity in the coupon industry this year. Following are a few trends that may emerge and gear up.

Loyalty Programs

Yes, through these programs the customers will be rewarded points or extra discounts for their loyalty to a particular store. Discounts and cash backs always excite the customers, but rewards for repeat purchases are something that may go viral this year. This customer retaining strategy already exists, but it seems to continue with more vitality in 2016.

Personalized Customer Approach

There are ecommerce companies who effectively follow customers looking at their previous buying history, but many have not been able to incorporate this art of predictive selling in their marketing strategy. For example, if someone buys a mobile phone, he should be offered options for scree guards,mobile cases, ear phones, and other accessories. Not only this, after a few months, he should be shown latest mobiles in trend. However, this much-needed personalized approach has been realized by ecommerce and coupon companies. This newness in the approach will be admired in 2016.

Mcommerce for Couponing

While all the major stores and sites have gone mobile with their apps, the coupon websites are also catching the momentum which will be apparently visible this year. With larger penetration of smartphones and broadband accessibility even in smaller market, the only way to get close to the customers is through the mobile apps. Mcommerce for couponing will certainly will be the thrust area for rapid growth and development of coupon business.

Rising Demand of Travel Coupons

People, with rising disposable income and long weekends in 2016, are sure to hit the tours and travel industry with more and more demand. This will further push the travel industry to offer discounts and offers and even customers will not give a second thought to watch out for last minute deals check. Coupon companies which are already excelling in offering best travel, hotels, and vacation options to the customers will work hard on showcasing the best deals and discounts on tours and travel.

Focus on Healthcare Coupons

A new entrant in the coupon industry will be coupons for healthcare solutions. Healthcare is yet to be an explored area in ecommerce with a lot of potential. People with smartphones in their hands want to find immediate solutions to their medical needs. This year expects a number of players in e-healthcare offering their discount coupons for customers’ advantage.

Demand Pushed by Tire II and III Cities

Ecommerce revolution is apparent all over India. While the metros and big cities are waving the flag of ecommerce success, tier II and III cities are extending the support with full involvement. Their participation pushing the demand of products and services online is sure to hit an all-time high in 2016.
Since ecommerce is on its high, the future of coupon industry seems bright in India. Moreover, it is a success in the western countries and India is also in line to follow the trend. The couponing industry brings relief to customers by offering discounts and saving money. Customers are the driving force behind any business. So, with happy customers on the board of coupon industry, they are sure to rise and growth in 2016.

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