The color of Independence at MaddyCoupons

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Independence Day 2018, just passed creating a lot of memories and good thoughts. This one day comes with a lot of enthusiasm and instills a sense of patriotism in all of us. Every single organization and institution celebrate Independence Day in their own way, and MaddyCoupons also celebrates the day with endless fun, zeal and joy.

The celebration started even much before the office hours with excited team decorating the cubicles, reception area, and other office space with tricolor flags. Bunches of balloons handed down the ceilings making the atmosphere look really vibrant and bright. The crush paper hangings and other decorative items really gave the perfect look for a National Festival celebration. Indian flag was stuck to the wall with all its glory and respect.

The actual spectacular view came when people started coming to office in Independence Day theme color dresses. Everyone wore either saffron, white or green dresses and looked so cohesively united with the sense of freedom. Really, the colors of our flag are so vibrant and wearing one of them makes us feel great. People gathered in their respective colors in a manner that gave the view of Indian flag so good to recognize and appreciate.

Not only this, employees actively participated in songs and other inhouse events which made the atmosphere more jovial. Everyone from every team joined together to have fun and sweets together on this great day.

It is a tradition at MaddyCoupons to celebrate the spirit of Independence Day every year. No matter how much is the work engagement among the employees, every year they prepare and participate with same enthusiasm. The pre-planning and team coordination with worth appreciation at this organization. It shows the team spirit and how united we all are in the free India. May this day come always with lot of happiness united everyone for the same cause of spreading joy and fun. With the end of this Independence Day, lets wait for the next year and see what all could be done.

The success of this year’s celebration definitely makes us wait for the next year to do something new and something special. Thanks to the team and the organizers.

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