Christmas – A Celebration of Happiness

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Christmas is the most imperative festival of the Christians. Christmas is same for them what Diwali for the Hindus and Ramzan for Muslims. It is celebrated on the 25th December every year with great pomp and show. This festival is celebrated in the memory of the day on which Christ was born. Christ was the founder of Christianity. It is believed that he was sent to this world to save mankind and sacrificed his life. Christmas is for joy, giving and sharing, laughter, coming together with family and friends, tinsel and brightly decorated. But mostly, Christmas is for love. It is one of the most wonderful time of the year during  the winter season, an exclusive Christmas offers on cakes & chocolates, cards, gifts giving, decorations and many more. A relatives and family togetherness, beautiful music, singing Christmas carols, feasts on special foods throughout the day.Description of the Celebration:A great preparations are made for the occasions. The walls are decorated with paper,flowers, pictures, looking glasses and the wall paintings. All the Christians rich or poor, young or old take part in it. The stores  sell Christmas cards and Christmas presents, decorate the stores with beautiful pictures and toys from Ferns and petals. They attract people to their store.Christmas Star:Christmas StarsChristmas is the most widely celebrated festivals globally. The history of Christmas, and information on the different Symbols like Santa Claus, reindeer, star  and the reasons behind their relationship with Christmas. These things have become so common with the celebration of Christmas, that when we see the Santa riding on a reindeer sledge with the stocking full of gifts and  candies, we know Christmas has come.Christmas tree:Christmas treeIn most homes when Christmas is celebrated, people set up a Christmas tree in the house. These are traditionally evergreens, the best type being the Fir Tree which does not lose its fragrance. The tree may be a cut tree that is bought from a plantation. Artificial trees are  preferred to real trees. The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, shiny colored balls, sparkly tinsel and other ornaments. At night candles and electric bulbs are lighted on its twigs. The Christmas tree looks very bright and beautiful.Prayers and Exchange of Gifts:Exchange of GiftsIn the night all the children of the house are called in. All sing songs and offer prayer to God, Christ to earth to remove all sins and suffering. After the prayer all the members of the house and guests are given Christmas presents. They spend this wonderful time with their families, relatives, friends, children and other loved ones. During this time all enmity is forgotten and everyone comes together, becomes friends and celebrates this wonderful time together by making merry. Everyone celebrates this day by exchanging gifts to and from their loves ones and if you are wondering  to get this special gift  then you can check on Amazon and Archies online to find the list of best sellers, affordable rated and thousands of inexpensive gifting items.Feasts and Dramatic Performances:Christmas FeastsThen the big feasts are arranged. Delicious dishes are served before all. The housewife looks very important figure and entertains all the guests. People prepare best food they can offer on that day. The feast is over all members take part in music, dance and sing at night. The festival comes to a close, all gather in the church to pray.

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Christmas – A Celebration of Happiness

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