Are you prepared to welcome your winter the healthy way?

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Tips to stay cozy and rosy in winters 

Winter is my favorite season of the year! I am sure most of you would agree with me. It is the season to enjoy steaming cup of tea, warm blanket, ‘mungfalis’ plus ‘dhaniya ki chutney’ with family and friends around the fireplace and pretty lot of things that you cannot do in scorching summers or pouring rains. But for some, winters are heavy. Chapped lips, cracked heels, itchy woolens and so on are the dark sides of winters. Winters are all of these for sure but with these tips you can make winters the best time of the year for yourself too.Let the winters be gentle on your skin – winter skin careDuring winters skin is poorly affected. They bring dryness to the skin of the hands, feet and face. For some, the problem is even worse than just a general dry feeling: Their skin gets so dry that it results in cracking, flaking and develops eczema (an inflammatory condition of the skin). But with some small tips given below you can easily combat with the winter skin problems and can keep your skin moist and healthy all through the winter months:winter skin careGeneral winter beauty care1.      Daily Exfoliation Regular exfoliation of skin is a great way to get rid of the dead cells, which make the skin coarse and dry. Further, it allows moisturizer to get absorbed by the skin. Exfoliation helps in cellular renewal and they will help in keeping the skin hydrated for a longer time. Not to mention, to fight dry skin in winter home remedies are always there for you! You can use coconut oil, avocado oil, banana and yogurt face mask, simple curd face mask, papaya and avocado face mask and many such remedies to keep your skin pulpy soft and rosy all through the winter season. You can check The Body Shop for natural and organic beauty products that are completely harmless on skin.2.      Keep skin moisturizedKeeping skin moisturized during winters is one essential step to prevent dryness of the skin. Use good quality moisture after every 4 hours and apply hydrating night cream on hands, feet and face before going to the bed. Night creams contain regenerating ingredients such as avocado oil that gets absorbed by your skin slowly while you sleep and gives you lasting moisture the next day. You can find quality winter skin care products from online stores like Aplava,Nykaa and you can get everything right on your doorstep.3.      Wear a scarf while going outHarsh chills of winter can cause damage to your skin. The best way to protect it from the windburns of the blistering cold is to keep it covered with scarf. Wrap a scarf around your neck and face and wear a hood or a hat to cover your forehead.

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4.      Drink lot of water – one of the best skin care winter home remediesLast but not the least; water is a universal solution to most of the problems. In winters, when you do not feel thirsty often, it does not mean that you require water any less than the summers. You should maintain a good intake of water even during the winters.Eat, eat and eat – Winter Season Food HabitsIf you cannot resist your lure for steaming hot bowl of comfort food on a cold night, then you are not the only one. However, it is still not clear whether this craving to eat more during winters is a natural instinct to fuel up against the cold or just because high-calories and fatty foods are available much during this wonderful season of the year. Whatsoever, one thing is for sure; that this is the perfect time to boost up your immune system, but only if you are well aware of the healthy food habits during winter. Also healthy diet for glowing skin and hair is absolutely essential during this time of the year. Let us know what winter food items you can enjoy that would help you to keep healthy and food habits for glowing skin:Winter Season Food HabitsBreakfast: If you are sort-of tea addicted then you must stop! Instead, start your day with herbal tea that contains tulsi and ginger as it not only improves immunity against cold but cures flu and cough. Fruit juices should be avoided in the morning and in place, you can go for vegetable, chicken or mushroom soup. Eat as much Winter Season Fruits India grows during the season like oranges, grapes, carrots, kiwifruit and so many as they are good source of anti-oxidants, fiber and much more.Lunch: Eat lot of vegetables with a bowl of brown rice, chapatti and lentils. Add onions, ginger, garlic and coriander leaves to season them. Squeeze some lemon juice and add chopped tomatoes to enhance the flavor and its nutritive value, both at the same time. Refrain from eggs, oily food stuff, alcohols and sodas. Use of olive oil makes the food healthier.Dinner: Dinner should be as light as possible. Green vegetables and a bowl of soup is a perfect combo. Before going to bed, eat a handful of nuts – 4 cashew nuts, 4 almonds and a chestnut, then drink a glass of warm milk with a tinch of turmeric powder and honey. This will maintain your metabolism and sugar level for all night long and will help you to lose weight.All these healthy winter foods will make you strong so that you do not fall ill and miss a single moment of enjoyment during winter. However, there is no harm in enjoying a day’s off from kitchen and ordering food from online delivering stores like foodpanda and Swiggy. You can even enjoy a box of pizza with your family from Dominos or a bucket of chicken wing from KFC only if you promise this will be only once a week!All set with the winter wear? Much before winter knocks the doors; winter clothes need to be taken out from the storage. Winter clothes must be exposed to sufficient sunlight before they can be put on mostly because they have been in there for more than 6 months and might have germs and other pests breeding on them for that long. There are people who do not like winters just because they feel winters are the worst season for fashion. But after reading below, there are good chances that they may change their thought.  Winter wear, if chosen wisely and worn properly, can be very stylish yet comfortable enough to keep you warm inside. Here are some winter clothing tips for all:Winter clothing for babyYou need to be extra careful with your baby during winters. Keep the winter wear ready, during morning and evening when the temperature falls down you need to cover head of the baby with a woolen cap, wrap him in a cozy blanket, and make him wear sweater, gloves and socks. During day when sun is out, the baby should wear a full sleeved t-shirt and sweater should be put on before taking him inside to avoid exposure.Winter clothes for kidsKids need to be protected mostly from the exposure as they keep running indoors and outdoors while playing. Playing keeps their body warm and so they start sweating and want to take off their woolens. It is then when they are at a risk to catch flu. So they also must be made to wear sufficient woolens during morning and evening, while playing they can take off woolen but before entering inside they should wipe off the sweat, wear woolen and then come inside.Winter Season ClothingWinter clothes for menMen mostly have to drive to the offices in the morning so should wear sufficient woolens, cap, socks, gloves and a wind cheater or jackets to prevent themselves from the chilling wind. Muffler can be wrapped around the neck to protect the neck and it also looks stylish at the same time.Winter clothes for womenWomen mostly have to work in the house, near the gas stove that keeps their body warm. While some of the women also work outside. Winter clothes have variety of options to add style and comfort both at a time. Winter wear options for women include smart cardigans, overcoats, jackets, trendy woolen hats, etc.Winter wear shoppingLooking to upgrade your wardrobe with new winter wear? Great idea! There are so many styles and trends these days. In the scenario where things get done by just few taps on smartphone, you need not to step out for winter wear shopping. You can simply check the online stores like Amazon, Jabong , Myntrato browse the whole world of winter clothes, not even putting a step out. These online stores have a great collection of winter wear for babies, kids, women and men. You can even find winter wear accessories on stores like Snapdeal and Flipkart. All of these stores run amazing winter wear offers and deals so that you can get everything on stunning prices. Grab the coupon codes from these stores and have a chilling shopping experience.Follow the tips above and enjoy your winters to the fullest!

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Last modified: March 30, 2017

Are you prepared to welcome your winter the healthy way?

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