6 things you can do to make your child happy on this Children’s Day 2017

childern's day

Parenthood is not at all a facile job and raising happy children is one of the most arduous jobs for the parents. Every child is gifted and is full of energy and liveliness. So, as a parent, it’s your prime job to channelize those energies and creativity in a positive way so that your child can become a responsible citizen. Every year, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day in India.
So, what are your planning for Children’s day 2017. Let’s discuss what all you can do to make your child happy and contented.

  1. Go for an outing: It is true that children are fans of all kinds of animals, so taking him to the zoo is the best idea to celebrate this Children’s Day. Children are also fun-loving and adventurous and thus, you can take him to the theme parks and water parks where they can spend the entire day by doing various adventurous activities like water sports, boating, rides, game shows and many more things.
  2. Go for a movie: It would be great if you are planning to watch a children’s day movie with your kids in this Children’s Day. Adults can often watch a movie in the cinema hall or on TV, but children are not allowed to watch the movie very often. So, this Children’s Day you can treat your kids to their favourite movie which they can enjoy wholeheartedly.
  3. Cook special food for them: Children are fond of junk food or fast food and they always prefer outside food over the home-made food. But this Children’s Day, you should try to prepare some mouth-watering and tasty dishes at home which can make smile on their faces. Chocolate cookies, muffins, pasta, noodles, etc. would be the great choice to celebrate the Children’s day. Since you are preparing all these items at home, hence they are healthy which means you don’t need to worry about your little one’s health.
  4. Try to explore his creativity: Children are very creative and love to express their creativity and ideas with drawings. In this Children’s day, give him a brush, colours, paints and other necessary things for painting and drawing and encourage him to express or sketch his creativity with his unique style and approach.
  5. Fulfil his special wish: If your child has put his wishes as Children’s day wishes, then try to fulfil his wishes. If he wants a car or toy or video games or wants to go to any place on this particular day, then fulfil his wish and make him happy.
  6. Call all his friends and organize a party: Children are quite friendly and want to share everything with their friends. So, call all the friends of your angle’s and organize a children’s party at your home. This will certainly make him happy as he gets a chance to spend the entire day with his friends and peers.

Children’s day is a fun day and thus, you can have children’s day celebration this time with a lot of fun and exciting activities which can make your child jovial and happy. If you are looking for some exciting gifts for your child then buy them at discount using the Firstcry coupons available online.

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